1. 10:55 22nd Jul 2014

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    I swear I am starting to talk in a Minnesotan accent.

  2. 09:56

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    It was great seeing the front bottoms tonight


    So so glos and you blew it was pretty good too. We left after front bottoms so no say anything but I’m ok with that.

    Oh yeah I was there fun times!

  3. Holy shit it’s 90degrees and humid as fuck. I just checked it’s going to be 80s at night. This fucking sucks

  4. About to go see my half sister I’ve met twice and stay with their apparently insane family for 8days. Let’s see how’s this goes.

  5. Update, it’s a cute old lady in sailing pants. I am okay with this

  6. So it begins… Please don’t let the person sitting next to me be creepy. Please don’t let the person sitting next to me be creepy.

  7. I found cute flowers.

    I found cute flowers.

  8. So my uncle is giving me a non shattered phone in thhe form of a used iphone 4. I am hsppy but i feel i have betrayed my father. H

  9. You know that post about how weird it is that like parents are like look at mah boy looking for girls, but theyre like 2? Thats my uncle.

  10. punk-rock-made-me-do-it:


    Oh look it’s me!